The Small Glass Pipe


Small Glass Pipe

The Small Glass Pipe has many distinct features. The long, arched stem and bowl are typical features, and there is usually a third hole for cleaning or air-flow control. Many of these pipes are used for filtering smoke. The ash produced by burning plant material will stick to the edge of the bowl near the bend of the pipe, keeping smoke away from the user’s face. The long shape of these pipes also allows the user to get a better hit from them.

Small Glass Pipes can be found in a variety of colors and shapes. Many of these pipes are braided, which allows for greater air flow. Many of these pipes come with a carb to control airflow, making them ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. Some are even available in spiral shapes, while others are solid colors.

What you should know before using Glass Pipe?

While using a glass pipe, you should always use a pipe lighter or match to light it. Make sure you take a test draw first, and smoke at a slow pace. Once your pipe is ready, fill it with your favorite herb blend. Ensure that you grind your herbs properly before smoking. If you do not, the smoke will have an unpleasant taste and smell. To avoid clogging your pipe, you can purchase an electric or magnetic grinder.

Another option is the Water Filtered Pipe. This pipe looks like a spoon, but it contains water that helps filter the smoke. The water filtration process reduces the amount of carcinogens, free radicals, and ash in the smoke. Besides that, it also results in a smoother and cleaner hit.